The Basic Laws of Karma
by Sri Goswami Kriyananda from The Laws of Karma

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If you can laugh, that laughter produces attitudinal karma that will give birth to many other seeds of joy, and thus soften other karma. If you anguish, this anguish is a karmic condition that can release not just tears, but many seeds of pain.

Each person needs to understand which conditions will release the positive karma seeds and which conditions release negative karma seeds.

Do that which releases positive karma. Do not do that which brings about the release of negative karma.

Life is all about being happy. But what is happiness? It’s balancing your self-awareness. It’s turning back toward yourself, and away from the creations in which you are enmeshed.

Yoganandaji once said to a disciple, who was having a great deal of trouble with his spiritual life, “You are having the same problem you had in your last lifetime.”

The disciple said, “Huh?”

Yoganandaji continued, “Yes. I knew you well. What you are doing now is what you were doing then. You were sitting in a tavern and someone bumped into you. You thought nothing about it.

“However, the people there said, ‘You’re not going to let that guy get away with pushing you around, are you?’

“Then a woman at the table remarked, ‘you’re not much of a man if you let someone push you around and do nothing about it.’ This went on and on until you finally felt compelled to stand up and fight. At last you and he were standing face to face, reaching for your guns. You were killed.

“You see,” Yogananda continued, “when people allow themselves to be pressured, they lose their own free will. The goal of life is a movement toward freedom and liberation. If you and he could only remember, ‘This is ridiculous,’ and back off, you would continue life. However, one feels that backing off means the opponent has won. This offends the ego and so you fight to win. You must realize that you win when you do not allow your ego to kill your own body. You win because you have not allowed conditions to manifest that draw you into a force field from the past. Let us do everything because of our own free will, not because of hardened habits of the past.”

A man wrote to me last year who is spending 20 years in a prison. When he was 22, he was driving in a truck with several other kids. They thought it would be fun to throw a brick through a large glass window. Hearing this idea, he got out of the truck to leave the group, but someone called him a chicken! So he got back into the truck. Then they drove around the corner and threw the brick through a window. The lights in the building went out. There was a lightning flash and something exploded. They all got excited and stepped on the gas and sped away around the corner, only to see that in the middle of the street was a woman with a baby. The driver of that truck is serving time for manslaughter. The other kids were not charged. Interesting, is it not? He had gotten out of the truck! All he had to do was to keep walking and his life would have been completely different. It was that one second when the pressure struck him (the karma attitude of the past). That one event triggered the gunpowder, like a match to dynamite.

Our purpose in life is to bring ourselves back into balance, happiness and abundance, while getting rid of negative karma. Most often the change in attitude will bring a change in karma. Most often a change in karma will bring a change in attitude. Attitude often causes karma to manifest. What is a good attitude one moment is a dangerous attitude the next moment. Look at many love relationships. At one moment a woman is thinking, “Wow! I’m married, whoopee!” And three years later (if not three months), she is saying, “My God, how did I get in this mess? I’ve got to get out of this.” Most often, it is our attitude that causes the feeling of confinement or joy.

Om Shanti.


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