Maturing a Meditation Practice Series

Maturing A Meditation Practice Series

Part 3. THOUGHT: Monkey Mind. Empty Mind. Errr?!
May 19, 9am - 3:30pm

A mature meditation practice isn't about how often you sit, how long you sit, or how deep you go when you sit, or even how calm and blissful you feel when you sit.

Most of us have had the experience of sitting and feeling so good yet still getting annoyed when the neighbor's dog starts barking and intrudes on our meditative zone. Or, we walk into the kitchen after a great meditation and totally lose it when we see dishes piled on the counter because "someone" didn't empty the dishwasher...

I've been there. And I had to admit this wasn't indicative of a mature meditation practice... just sayin'... so I did a lot of reflecting, a lot of seeking, and a lot of studying.

Here's what I've learned over the years...

A mature meditation practice is about how you live your life.

A mature meditation practice is taking everything you are learning when you sit in meditation and applying it to your life.

A mature practice is feeling calm even as the barking dog, the police sirens, or the blaring TV become the soundtrack for your meditation. A mature practice is noticing the dishes, the traffic, or the sullen teenager and solving the problem without all the emotional drama, blame and shame.

A mature practice is denoted by calm, compassion, joy and humor...and the clarity to solve problems.

The purpose of this six-part series is to give you the tools, insights and knowledge you'll need to "bump it up" and mature your Meditation Practice.

Each workshop, or series, includes teachings, techniques, and practice-time designed to advance your meditation practice to the next level so you can go deeper--to the place where real transformation happens. I think this is the most important journey of our lifetime -- the journey inward. I'm delighted to share it with you.


All meditators have monkey mind. Young meditators get frustrated and think there is something wrong with them. Not so!

Mature meditators understand and accept this. They are learning to understand the nature of thought, the power of thought, and become the master of thought.

Join me for this mini-journey into the Land of Thought. We will approach from four directions using Yogic, Karmic, Meditative and Mystical perspectives. We will explore:

  • The purpose and nature of Thought and Mind ... Intriguing!
  • Observing thoughts ... The basics.
  • Outwitting thoughts ... Fun.
  • Techniques to quiet thoughts ... Victory!
  • Discovering the genesis of a thought ... So cool.
  • Awareness of who is thinking thoughts ... Err?!
  • Awareness of awareness ... Ahhh yes. This!

When you master your thoughts, you master your mind. And when you master your mind you are able to:

  • Transcend thought altogether.
  • Experience your True Nature.
  • Touch the realm that lies beyond suffering where Peace, Joy, Calm. Bliss, Contentment and Love, abide.

  • I hope you can join me. You will leave with a map to take you from Monkey Mind to Empty Mind!

    Bring your lunch and a snack to share.

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