The Flow of Prana
by Sri Goswami Kriyananda from Extraordinary Spiritual Potential

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Your life is a circle. Mystically, the spinal column is the generator. Psychically, there is a fountain that ascends and descends, like a large wheel surrounding you. The current of prana circulates through this wheel.

Each time you breathe in and out, the life-force circulates through and over the spine. Yet there are cycles of circulation within cycles of circulation. Basically, there are three major cycles: an outer current which rotates every thirty days, an inner current which rotates once a year, and a subtle central current which cycles every twelve years.

Within this wheel there is an axis, which runs through its center. This axis aligns itself with the spinal column, and is known as the divine fire channel, the sushumna. There is a tiny hole at the top of this axis, and a tiny hole at the bottom. What is important is that each time the current circulates (i.e., with each inhalation and exhalation); a small amount of pranic energy is stored in this middle pillar, this divine cosmic mind. This means each time the current circulates, prana is stored in your vehicle.

Each time you move through these two points (that is, each time you fall asleep or awaken), what is of significance is that you pull in or absorb into yourself energies that are around you, that are on or within your aura. For example, the guru may send out a telepathic message to you saying, “Call me.” He may send it out at 6 o’clock in the morning, it may stay on your aura all day, and you may not pick it up until you are falling asleep or just waking up.

In other words, until you reach a more divine balancing, you will not be sensitive enough to pick up the vibration. As you enter from the solar to the lunar side, in toward the divine fire or balanced channel, you then become sensitive enough to pick it up. It is always there; however, the intuition is more intense in the susumanic divine fire stage.

Because of this, in developing your psychic energies, the last thing you should think about when you are going into your meditation or going to sleep, as well as the first thing you should think about when you awaken, is either that which is most beautiful or most holy to you. This is done to neutralize any negative patternings. Think the highest thought you can think. I would prefer to say, more accurately, feel the highest vibration. Some people do this by thinking of God, or goodness, of their greatest concept of beauty, and feeling, as intensely as possible, that this beauty lives within them and can overcome any negativity. Another method is saying a prayer before you go to bed at night or the first thing in the morning. This will help build positive thought patterns.


Om Shanti.


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