"The word "occult" means, "hidden from the average person". The occult refers to the spiritual truths of life that are hidden from most people because of their unawareness caused by their emotions, desires and cravings. The occult is not negative. It involves hidden energies that manifest the changes in this physical world. Occultism is the study of certain techniques that will enable you to become aware of these subtle energies. As you become aware of these subtle energies, you can then control them and use them in a positive, constructive way."

- Goswami Kriyananda Extraordinary Spiritual Potential

The Laws of Occult Success
by Sri Goswami Kriyananda from Extraordinary Spiritual Potential

1. The Law of Clarity

The first rule is that you must have a clear conception of what you want. Do you want a million dollars? Do you want to be a vice-president of your company? What do you want?

The law of clarity can be divided into two areas. First, ask yourself what you want in terms of what you are trying to accomplish. You must be specific. It may be, “I want to develop ESP.” Then you must ask yourself, “What does that mean to me? What is it? What am I going to do with it? What do I want it for?” Answering these questions for yourself will help to bring about clarity of thought. Secondly, and more importantly, ask yourself what you want out of life itself.

This will make you more aware of the three forces within your soul that affect you. First you have the conscious desires of this lifetime. Secondly, you have karma from the past. Using modern terms, these are subconscious proclivities or energies. Thirdly, there are the desires of the people around you. What are they desiring? This will affect you. If you have four brothers and five sisters who feel you should be a nun, whether you know it or not, those psychic vibrations will drive you to the point where you feel if you don’t become a nun you are not a good person.

So you have your conscious forces or desires driving you, you have your subconscious energies driving you toward things, and finally you have the desires of those around you affecting you. You should understand these three, for the problem lies in the fact that rarely do they all come together—rarely do they all agree with one another.

Let me give you an example of when these three do blend together: This lifetime you want to become a priest, in your last lifetime you wanted to become a priest and did so, and now your mother and father want you to become a priest.

If you have these three coming together, there will be a one-pointedness in your life. However, most of us are splintered into three beings with three levels of energies, and thus we do not have a clear conception about our lives. We are lacking the law of clarity, an important factor in developing ESP.

You must begin your true occult development by reflection. For one full day, close the door, turn off the telephone, and be by yourself. Keep the radio, the phonograph, and the television off. Do not read ... just exist. Simply reflect on the following questions: What am I feeling? What do I consciously want? What do I really want, consciously? What do I feel I want? What are my desires?

You can even look back to your past, over the last five, ten, fifteen, or twenty years, and reflect on what you have desired, what you have done, and where your energies have been poured. These insights will give you a clear feeling awareness, both consciously and subconsciously.

Then you should reflect: What does your mother want to be? What does your father want to be? What does your brother want to be? What does your teacher want to be? What do they want you to be? Remember, these desires have been deeply imprinted upon your nature. This reflection will help you gain clarity in your life.

According to western tradition, a human being is made of a body and soul, the soul having been put into the body. This theory is very simplistic and just isn’t true. You are composed of almost an infinite number of bodies. In yoga and in the occultism of the orient these bodies are called mayakoshas, or transitory sheaths. Of these, five are most vital: the physical sheath, the mind sheath, the knowledge sheath, the energy sheath, and the bliss sheath. Each of these sheaths has a memory tract of its own and a built-in mechanism for self-survival; thus each sheath may be in conflict with the others.

Basically, we need to create a balanced union of these bodies. This relates to the law of clarity. What do you want? Make sure that each level of your being is going in the same direction, that the mind energies are not scattered. However, also be sure that what you really want is not something another part of your being wants. Be sure it is not something your body wants or something your mind wants. You must be in control.

One might ask, “What do you want?”

He may say, “A hot fudge sundae.”

But he doesn’t want it, his physical body does!

“What do you want?”

“I want a beautiful woman.”

He doesn’t want it, his mind does!

In this respect, most of us are all over the place. The sheaths are not balanced. You need clarity in the conception of what you really want.


2. The Law of Absorption

First of all, the law of absorption is the law of being fed. The secret of this law is that a vibration must be fed. Whatever you feed will live, grow and affect you.

For example, a physician in Indiana was once told he could help a greater number of people by being a politician, and would certainly make a good politician at that. This one thought burnt into his mind year after year and for decades was subconsciously being fed. All of a sudden, he gave up his medical profession and became a governor. The thought finally affected him.

That which you feed will grow and affect you. If developing ESP is what you are trying to do, it must be fed. You must pour mind energies into its development by practicing the techniques that will be given.

The world is surrounded by vibrations. Clarity is important and is the thing that will enable you to feed a vibration. When you feed a vibration, that vibration controls your life. Some vibrations will be absorbed into your mind-body, either consciously or unconsciously. Thus, if you do not have a clear conception of your life, and if you do not follow the law of clarity, your subconscious mind will take over and feed your strongest desire—either from the past, or from the strongest person in your life (e.g., mother, father, brother, priest, rabbi).

Whether you know it or not, in the variety of vibrations, there are truly on three vibration that we automatically begin to feed:

  • that which gives us power,
  • that which gives us pleasure,
  • that which gives us knowledge.

In the law of absorption, you need to clearly understand which of these vibrations you are attuning to.

The law of clarity and the law of absorption are consistent in that you must consciously feed a vibration. As a matter of fact, it is almost impossible to establish a vibration of non-feeding. Even the thought, “I will feed no thought ... I will feed no thought ... I will feed no thought,” is feeding something. By nature existence is assertive, the mind active. There is always a push toward something. Something is being fed, even if it is a feeding of “shanti, shanti, shanti,” or “shalom, shalom, shalom,” or something of this nature.

Thoughts such as “I can’t ... It can’t be done ... They can’t do it ... Nobody can do it ... It’s impossible” are all negative types of thinking. I call these types of thoughts destructive thinking. You must begin watching your thoughts. Strong psychic development necessitates constructive thinking—taking hold of the positive and feeding that positivity. It also necessitates that you feed the clarity of your conception of what you want and what you have a right to. This is extremely important.


3. The Law of Pre-abstract Thinking

The third law is to develop and motivate your mind-body complex by pre-abstract thinking, rather than by desire. If you are going to exercise psychic control over your life and be a genuine help to others, you need to stop being controlled by your desires and past-life proclivities. Instead, you must learn to do what needs to be done by free will rather than compulsion. Desire is a powerful emotion, and we are lost in the grip of our desires, like a person swept up in the eye of a tornado. Lost in the ocean of emotion, we have relinquished the conscious direction of our lives to subconscious desires.

Often when someone begins studying yoga and they are told they should let go of all their desires, they become fearful. If you ask them why, they will say, “I’m afraid if I give up my desires I’ll become like a zombie. If I get rid of my emotions, I’ll walk around dead.”

This is not true! Emotions are one thing, however, inspiration, aspiration, and feeling are something entirely different. You have to begin leading your life not by what you desire or by what your stomach or anatomy wants, but rather by pre-abstract concepts. You must begin leading your life by understanding the nature of your mind-body complex and what is realistically healthy and unhealthy for it. Learn to lead your life by what you will, not by what you desire. This is the greatest protective mechanism you can have against yourself.


Om Shanti.

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