Therapeutics with GABRIEL HALPERN
April/May/June 2018

3 classes: $150
2 classes: $120
single class: $65

Friday, April 20 th 6pm-9pm
Yoga RX: Back Care Basics
Back pain sufferers take heart! Come find relief and then get schooled on corrected on the bio-mechanics of posture. That is what leads to optimal functioning/ Discover new options for your home practice. Whether you have general backache, stiffness, or soreness in your upper spine, scoliosis, SI joint dysfunction, or sciatica, this workshop will teach you how to relax. Yoga poses traction the spine. Once the spine elongates and decompresses, ease of motion is restored, as is free and easy breathing. You’ll go home knowing how to set up simple poses that alleviate discomfort and get a new lease on life.

Friday, May 4 th 6pm-9pm
Yoga Rx: Neck & Shoulders
Feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world? Many people carry stressing the neck and the shoulders, resulting in headaches, respiratory problems, and restricted movement in the head, arms and chest. Maximum health of the shoulders and neck can be achieved by a variety of poses of which change the alignment of the head and trunk. Through the practice of standing, sitting, supine, and inverted poses, modified for each individual, long standing and chronic aches can be given relief from nagging kinks and unnecessary discomfort.

Friday, June 1st 6pm-9pm
Yoga RX: Hips & Knees
Yoga invites you to explore the impact of stiffness on your general state of well being. Yoga challenges you to find out why you are so tight in different areas of your body. This is especially true of your hips and knees. They deeply affect the ease with which you stand, sit, walk, sleep, think and feel. The mechanics of rotation, flexion, and extension will be taught first, as anatomical facts, and then, through the actions of yoga poses. Points of reference for these actions will be taught, in the supine, prone, standing, seated and inverted positions.

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