Multiple Track Seminars

These Multiple Track seminars by Goswami Kriyananda contain a wealth of wisdom. They can be listened to over and over again. Their spiritual and vibrant message will help you to live a happier, stress free and productive life.

Your Emotions: How to Transcend Them

Such common emotions as anxiety, fear, anger, worry and depression control most people's lives, leading to unhappiness and spiritual failure. Emotions are destructive to your life's success. Learn ways to master emotional states so you can improve your spiritual life as well as your earth life. Learn to manage, restrain and transcend your emotions. How to deal with everyday pressures, and ways to defeat anxiety and negative thinking.

Includes methods for living a stress-free life, and simple steps for mastering your emotions, enabling you to gain a tranquil mind and a peaceful life.

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Available exclusively on, 5 MP3s - $29.95
The Puranas: Dreams of Creation

The Puranas are a seminal text forming a vital link in the living tradition of Yoga. They are a collection of ancient mystical tales expounding upon the original projection or creation of the universe, the dissolving and recreating of the worlds, the genealogies of the Devas, the periods of Manu, and the history of the solar/lunar dynasties.

The Puranas are a study of divine knowledge - knowledge of the absolute Reality, of Life itself. They teach us about the nature of consciousness, evolution, the mind/body complex, and the life cycles through which they journey. The Puranas are a study of you and the ever-changing, ever-unfolding vehicles through which you function. They explore your relationship to the Life Divine. This fascinating home study program unlocks the deep symbolism of the puranic tales and provides a commentary that offers you a profound understanding of the truths they reveal.

Available exclusively on, 108 pages - $24.95
The Aura, the Astral & You

Recreate a life of vitality and positivity by tapping the fountain of life energy: your aura and its astral connection. Join Goswami Kriyananda as he explores the nature of your aura and its relationship to the inner planes of consciousness. This discourse on the subtle body covers the following areas:
  • The astral world: its levels and entities
  • The astral body: its function and purpose
  • Techniques for creating and dissolving thought-forms
  • Improving your life-vitality
  • Generating positive energy
  • The meaning of the aura
  • Techniques for perceiving the aura
  • Cleansing and protective techniques
  • Auric colors and their significance

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Karma, Causation and the Laws of Balance

This set includes the text The Laws of Karma along with 5 files, totaling 5 1/2 hours, during which Goswami Kriyananda expands further on the topic of Karma.

Available exclusively on, $24.95
Kriya Yoga: An Esoteric View

Kriya Yoga is a direct Pathway to Enlightenment. Sri Goswami Kriyananda will show you the map of Kriya Yoga, discuss the history and foundation of Kriya Yoga, and give you insights into the foundational law upon which Kriya yoga is based. He will then reveal the more exoteric aspects of Kriya Yoga showing you how to apply these practices to transform your own life, bringing you greater wisdom, peace of mind and acceptance, leading you onward to the Goal. Find out the true purpose of your everyday earth-life. Learn about the interactive side of the mind and how complications arise as a result of an overemphasized everyday mind. Find out how to rise above these complications. This seminar will be equally valuable to beginning as well as advanced seekers on the spiritual Path.

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Kriology: The Sacred Science of Creation

In this seminar you will learn about Kriology. It is a system for experiencing a transformation in consciousness, which will enrich your life on every level. It is the study of Kriya: the psycho-biological and spiritual actions by which you have generated the pattern of this lifetime. It is a system which deals directly with your mind, its structure and dynamics. Embodied within it is a mystical psychology which offers a profound recognition of how you create and sustain the circumstances of your life. Its unique approach is rooted in its focus on karma (the law of causation), and how karma is generated and activated, and can be softened, modified or dissolved.

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Kriya Yoga and Depth Psychology

Kriya Yoga is a path of study and meditative attunement that induces a direct perception of the nature of consciousness, the structure and dynamics of the mind and Life itself. It is a system of psycho-biological techniques that rebalance the mental/emotional patterns of the past and cultivate greater self-awareness. Embodied within it is a mystical psychology that reveals how we create, sustain, and can transform the experiences of our lives.

This audio program by Goswami Kriyananda is a fascinating discussion of western psychology from the perspective of Kriya Yoga and mysticism. It focuses on the work of three pioneers in the field of depth psychology - Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Alfred Adler ? how their work drew upon eastern thought, and how it continues to expand our understanding of the human experience.

From a yogic perspective, this seminar explores many of the primary questions of depth psychology. What is the personality? How does it function? Where does it get its energy? How does that energy move from one part of the mind to another? Why does a personality fail to function in a normal, healthy way, and how can the personality be rebalanced?

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Mantra and Your Mind, Integration Through Sound

Mantras are thought forms that generate a specific vibration and stimulate the mind. Their vibratory sounds feed oxygen to the brain, prana to the chakras and awaken spiritual consciousness. The use of mantra is fundamental to Kriya yoga practice because it can be used to soften confining karma and manifest positive past-life karma. Goswami Kriyananda is assisted by Swami Pujananda for this lecture.

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The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt and Atlantis

Journey back to the lands of ancient Egypt and Atlantis with Goswami Kriyananda as he investigates the mysteries of these ancient cultures. Unravel the hidden traditions of these great civilizations.
  • Who were the ancient Egyptians and Atlanteans?
  • Where did they come from?
  • What was their purpose?
  • What is the mystical significance of their myths and symbols?
  • Why were the pyramids built?
  • What secrets do they contain?
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Breathing Techniques and their Spiritual Value

The breath is the bridge between your body and mind. It is the central factor in sustaining your life. By practicing breath-control you can learn to relax, quiet your thoughts, improve your thinking and increase your creative energies. Breath-control is also the key to spiritual progress on the path. It is the method for bringing about greater awareness of the spiritual Self.

Goswami Kriyananda begins by discussing the spiritual significance of breath-control, how it can affect your everyday life, and how it can increase your spiritual awareness. He then shares with you seven different classical breathing techniques, explaining the benefits of each.

Highlights of the series includes:
  • The meaning of spirituality and its relationship to breathing
  • The stages of breath-control
  • How breath-control can stop the ?intensifiers? of your life
  • How breathing techniques affect the chakras (energy converters)
  • How breathing techniques can help you control your thoughts and emotions
  • When, where and how long to practice the techniques
Available exclusively on, 2 MP3s - $19.95
Walking the Spiritual Path

Goswami Kriyananda has been guiding souls along the spiritual path for over sixty years. In this series he shares with you a wealth of wisdom for successfully walking the Path. He offers insights that can positively change the direction of your life forever!

Learn to broaden your understanding of the spiritual path and expand the horizon of your everyday awareness. Discover some simple yet dynamic truths about the Path which you may never have heard before. In this highly inspirational series, Goswami Kriyananda discusses how to harmoniously balance your daily living so you can find greater peace of mind and happiness while walking the pathway to cosmic consciousness.

Highlights of the seminar include:
  • How the laws of causation (karma) affect your spiritual life
  • The spiritual necessity of breaking negative mind-patterns
  • How the spiritual path is individual for each person
  • How conceiving a ?new thought? can open your life to new opportunities
  • The importance of being happy while walking the Path
  • The meaning of initiation
  • Practical teaching stories to clarify key concepts about the Path
  • Insights into overcoming obstacles on the Path
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The Teachings of the Guru

Teachings of the Guru is Goswami Kriyananda's newest series of inspirational lessons for the spiritual seeker. It is a series of informal lessons dealing with the laws of karma, causation, consciousness, Reality, the nature of existence, the human condition, Enlightenment and similar topics. This series will help you to see more clearly the basic concepts of the Kriya Teachings and thus enable you to adjust, adapt and acclimatize to your earth-life, so that spiritual unfoldment will manifest more swiftly and harmoniously.

Available exclusively on, 10 MP3s - $39.95
Kriya Dharma Series

In this new Kriya Dharma series Goswami Kriyananda gives you the keys for overcoming some of the most common emotional challenges we often face in our lives. He gives helpful spiritual principles and methods for handling these challenges. He will show you how to move from fear and unsatisfactoriness, to peacefulness, clear seeing and greater fulfillment of your life.

The entire set of fourteen tracks includes the following titles:
  • Abolish guilt
  • Attaining Life Goals Through Self-Discipline
  • Earning Self-Worth
  • Establishing a Happier, Healthier Relationship
  • Seven Principles for Attaining a Happy Life
  • Stop Worrying
  • Techniques for Removing Stress
  • Utilizing Forgiveness to Enhance Your Life
  • Mastering Anger (Parts I & II)
  • The Healing of Grief (Parts I & II)
  • Overcoming Sadness and Depression (Parts I & II)
Available exclusively on, 14 MP3s - $39.95
Dreams: Your Magic Mirror

From the ancients to Jung, decoding the symbolic language of dreams has been understood as crucial to spiritual and psychic development. This seminar teaches you how to interpret the hidden messages in your dreams, how to develop a conscious dreaming practice, and how to benefit from the creative solutions and insights contained in your dreams.

Available exclusively on, 4 MP3s - $19.95
The Chakras and Energy Transformation

Both science and mysticism teach that you are the primary creator of your life experiences. This program takes you the next step, and teaches you how this creative process takes place. It is through the inner dynamic of the chakras that you create, sustain, and dissolve the conditions of your life. This seminar reveals methods for activating restricted areas of your consciousness.

Available exclusively on, 5 MP3s - $29.95
A Mystic Looks at Genesis

A mystical interpretation which offers insights into the hidden significance of this sacred book of creation. You will be taken chapter by chapter through the text of Genesis, exploring the patterns and processes of creation which are mirrored in you and the creation which is your life. An extraordinary opportunity to discover the underlying principles and inner teachings which are the basis of the Western wisdom tradition.

Available exclusively on, 12 MP3s - $39.95
Fundamentals of Kriya Yoga

Goswami Kriyananda discusses Kriya Yoga as a practical philosophy for building a meaningful and harmonious earth life, which will serve as a solid foundation for spiritual awakening. He provides examples of the best ways to apply the practices of Kriya to effect positive change in your life and points out the pitfalls to avoid along the path. This vital seminar was one of Kriyananda's most popular ever with his students and disciples.

Available exclusively on, 4 MP3s - $19.95
Strengthening Your Immune System

Healing is a natural function of the body and mind. By learning how to direct y improve your resistance to disease. Mantra, meditation, affirmation, visualization, and dietary techniques for taking responsibility for your own health are delineated in this fascinating audio seminar.

Available exclusively on, 6 MP3s - $29.95
Exploring Inner Worlds: The Astral Projection Seminar

For centuries, mystics have left their physical bodies to explore higher planes of consciousness in the astral worlds. Many people have glimpsed these realms through dreams, illness, or spontaneous awakenings. In this seminar Goswami Kriyananda discusses the self-disciplines, techniques and training necessary to intentionally transcend the physical body and consciously explore the inner realms of the astral. He reviews methodologies from Yogic, Sufi, Buddhist, and Kabalistic traditions and suggests clues to identify which method is best suited to you.

Available Exclusively on, 7 MP3s - $19.95

Philosophy and Methodology of Kriya Yoga Book & 5 mp3 Seminar Set

Philosophy and Methodology of Kriya Yoga reveals the tradition of Kriya Yoga as a path of health, happiness and creativity.

Philosophy and Methodology of Kriya Yoga gives specific techniques of concentration, meditation and contemplation, which will help you to penetrate into the astral worlds, or your own subconscious mind, expanding your consciousness of your internal worlds, revealing the laws and forces that control you and your daily world. Advanced Kriya techniques of contemplation will enable you to transcend time and space, as well as your karmic personality and limitations.

This set includes the text Philosophy and Methodology of Kriya Yoga along with files, totaling over 5 1/2 hours.

Available Exclusively on - $69

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