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These individual MP3s by Goswami Kriyananda contain a wealth of wisdom and inspiration.

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Sun of God: Goswami Kriyananda's Upa Gita
Fasting for Spiritual Awakening
Kriya Yoga Training
Reflections on Mind
Secrets for Happier Living
The Serpent Power
Are We Born With a Purpose? & The Power of Patience (two talks in one file)
Believe in Yourself, Believe in Life
Coping with Life
Dharma, Duty and the Dance of Life
Find the Path, Walk the Path, Finish the Path
The Esoteric Wisdom of Man
The Goals of Yoga
Releasing Spiritual Energies & Having a Spiritual Life-Changing Experience
Healing Currents of Spring
Healing Meditations
Hurdles that Heal Us
Imagination, Visualization and the Creative Life-Force
Jewels of Meditation
Law of Karma and the Freedom of Action
Love Solves All Problems
Make Your Dreams Come True
Meaning of Openness, Movement & Energy
The Meaning of the World Experience
Meditation on Happiness
Mind, Matter, You and Causation
Mystical Levels of Consciousness
Tantra Yoga Tradition
The Way to Peace of Mind
What is the Spiritual Life?
Worthiness and Wisdom
The Yogic Pathway to Happiness
You and Your Spiritual Adventure
Karma and Rebirth
Techniques to Know God

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