About the Temple of Kriya Yoga

The Temple of Kriya Yoga

The Temple of Kriya Yoga is a center of spiritual study for people of any religion to delve more deeply into the philosophies and psychologies found throughout the world.

It was founded by Sri Goswami Kriyananda in 1964 and has been in its present location, Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood, since 1978. The Temple offers educational resources and spiritual guidance to all who seek a deeper understanding of Life and the mystical Kriya tradition.

The emphasis at the Temple is on using the ancient wisdom traditions in a practical way to build a meaningful, harmonious earth life as a solid foundation for spiritual awakening.

Sri Goswami teaches the ageless wisdom of Kriya Yoga with warm humor and deep mystical understanding, offering you a system for experiencing a transformation in consciousness, which enriches your life on every level: spiritually, mentally and physically. Thousands have been inspired by Sri Goswami to awaken their minds to knowledge, their hearts to kindness, and their lives to service.

What is Kriya?

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       "In recent times we have seen an increasing interest in Eastern philosophy, most particularly yoga. Yoga, a philosophy of happiness through spiritual wisdom, has captured the imagination and interest of the Western world. Yoga is a way to find happiness on all levels of your being: physically, mentally and spiritually. Yoga is a way to achieve serenity and calmness. There is no mystery or magic in yoga. It simply is an accomplishment through time-tested mental and physical techniques. With the West turning to Eastern thought, the elusive and mysterious achievements of self-control through harmonious living become more understandable.

     Yoga is based on the noble and spiritual experience of the Indian mind. What one person has experienced, all are capable of experiencing. The search for Truth is not a cultural prerogative. The understanding, the grasping, and the experience of Truth is the birthright of all mankind."

- Sri Goswami Kriyananda