5 Lessons from the Temple of Kriya Yoga's Teacher Training Program
by Lindsay DiLeo

“Transformative.” “Empowering.” “Life-changing.” These aren’t reviews off the back of a best-selling self-help book. They’re adjectives graduates use to describe the Temple of Kriya Yoga’s Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program. They’ll also tell you the program will enhance your life and practice in ways you can’t imagine. Who can say how the program will benefit you? But we can tell you for certain the hatha yoga teacher training will help you…

1. Find yoga in every moment

The Temple’s teacher training program teaches the yamas and niyamas, and how to apply them in your thoughts, actions and words. As you work through the teachings, you find an opportunity to apply them in class, and in life. For example, you (like others) may find that “ahimsa,” or nonviolence, is most difficult to grasp in your thoughts and actions towards yourself. With a greater awareness, you will begin to recognize your lack of self-compassion on and off the mat. For many, this transformative experience helps break patterns that hold us back from success.

2. Connect with your body inside and out

The word “pose” is misleading, because the asanas are more than a collection of body configurations. The Temple’s program delves into the body’s inner workings. The focus on anatomy ensures proper alignment so that your muscles can better support your skeletal system. When this is achieved, your body becomes a superhighway for prana (the body’s lifeforce) to flow through freely.

Your understanding will extend beyond musculoskeletal systems. The program covers many facets of our anatomy, including our nervous, endocrine and digestive systems to name a few.

3. Use yoga as medicine to heal yourself and others

A new appreciation for your body’s inner workings could be the inspiration you need to consider yoga as medicine. Teachers in training are encouraged to reflect on and experience each pose’s effects on the body. You will learn first-hand how and why a forward fold calms the nervous system; Or why twists should be performed from right to left, to aid in digestion.

As you begin to view each pose as its own form of physical therapy, you experiment in your personal practice to find a cure for what ails you.

4. Build a practice you can sustain until you’re 90 years-old

The Temple has shared an alignment-based practice with the Chicago yoga community for over 40 years. You can be sure you are building a foundation of time-honored techniques and practices. Hatha’s focus on alignment makes it effective and safe. During a time when many question the benefits of yoga, you need assurance that you’re building a practice to keep you from injury for a long, thriving career.

5. Find a place for yourself in your community

The Temple is a springboard toward your life’s calling. Many graduates have gone on to successful careers that align with their interests. Temple graduates have found a place for themselves in the yoga world in specialties like:

  • Aqua Yoga
  • Children’s yoga
  • Prenatal yoga
  • Teacher training
  • Yoga therapy
  • Cooking the Yoga Sutras

The Temple's 9-month intensive program ensures your investment is well spent. Impactful lessons like those shared here can reshape your practice and your life. With the growing number of teacher training programs in Chicago, it’s important to choose a program that delivers beyond the basic fundamentals of yoga. The Temple's in-house program begins September 16th, or sign-up here right now!


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