Six Techniques for Lifting Vibrations
by Sri Goswami Kriyananda from Extraordinary Spiritual Potential

These techniques will help you lift the vibrations:

1. Choose your favorite color, and then surround yourself with that color. In Medieval and Renaissance Europe occultists would hang draperies of a particular color on the walls and ceilings of their chambers, so as they entered those chambers, they would be totally inside the color. Even if the room were dark, the effect was still felt.

Mystics of all ages have recognized the importance of color in establishing a particular vibration. Truly, color is vibration.

2. Secondly, use a circle of color. If your favorite color is yellow, cut out a 4" disk of yellow from some material or paper. Hold it in your hand or attach it to the wall in front of you and just stare or gaze at the yellow color, trying to absorb it into your consciousness. Here are some of the vibrations that various colors radiate. You may choose them to use in your visualization:

Vibrant red - Healing vibrancy.

Blue - Spiritual calmness.

Green - Mental calmness or peacefulness.

Indigo - Deep spiritual knowledge.

Yellow - Fruitfulness, spiritual wisdom.

White - Spirituality; divinity.

3. A much easier way to do this technique is to simply close your eyes and visualize your favorite color. This can be any color, just make sure it is not a murky color, this being the only law you must follow. For example, red is one of the most powerful occult colors. It is a very, very positive color. Some people get very nervous when you talk about the color red, feeling it is negative. It isn't. It's a beautiful color--the color of life, energy, and strength! However, it should not be a murky red but rather of pure hue. Similarly, if you choose the color yellow, it should not be murky, but pure and vibrant.

4. The fourth technique for lifting the vibrations is called breathing color: How can we improve our psychic breathing to improve our psychic energies? The secret is to breathe color-wise. For instance, if you are agitated for some reason, from a mystical viewpoint you are agitated because forces from within or forces external to you are inharmonious. Thus, to become more serene, you might breathe in a celestial blue color–blue being a soothing, calming color.

The technique is performed by first making your spine straight, pulling the stomach muscles slightly in and up, turning your head to the left, double exhaling through the open mouth (ha-HAAA), and emptying the lungs. Then bring your head forward . Pucker your lips as if you were going to make a kiss, and begin by sipping the air in as slowly and continuously as possible. Do this without breaking the stream of the breath. Hold for a 3-count. Then exhale rapidly through the open mouth (ha-HAAA) again--this time exhaling in front of you rather than to the left. Keep repeating by slowly sipping the breath in, holding for a 3-count, and exhaling. While you are sipping the air in, visualize it as colored astral liquid or fluid, colored water. In the above example, you would visualize the fluid as being blue, to bring about a feeling of serenity and relaxation.

If you do this a few times, you will suddenly begin to feel your body and mind are relaxing. There is no correct number of breaths to breathe. You simply do this quietly, without stress or strain until you feel a sense of relaxation. The technique (as with all techniques) should be performed facing east during the day and north during the evening--that is, facing the North Star.

If you know you are going to give a long lecture or have a heavy discussion with your spouse or boss, perhaps needing more energy, you can perform the technique using a different color. Here you might use red, an energy factor. Do the same thing. Quiet your mind, get the spine straight, stomach muscles slightly in and up, turn your head to the left, exhale, and begin sipping in the breath. In this case, visualize a vibrant, vibrant red flowing in, saturating your body with this water or astral fluid for added energy.

In one of the ESP seminars I gave several years ago, I did a test. One of the students brought in a machine that consisted of a flat surface with a lot of padding, along with a gauge that measured pressure as the padding was struck. We had each person punch the padding 3 times. We then had each person relax his hand for a few minutes and take 7 breaths as he began thinking the color red with his eyes closed. He was then asked to hit the padding again 3 times. We found that when each person did so after visualizing the color red, the actual physical punch would increase by about 40%. I consider that amazing.

You may wonder, what does visualizing the color red have to do with the physical arm? The answer is, in thinking red, one is absorbing the energy into their body. The punch is not as much physical as it is mental. This follows the same principle used in karate in which a person concentrates his mind and hits a brick with his hand. He concentrates through the brick. As he does this he whacks and breaks the brick, but not his hand. This is called mind force that is closely akin to psychic development. In psychic development, rather than taking this energy and pouring it back into your body, you are now lifting and elevating your trimmer, attuning to the higher astral vibrations.

5. Another even better approach to lifting the mind vibrations to acquire and focus on a concept of beauty. Go into your mind and say, "Out of this entire life, physically, what is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen?" It may be John, Mary, the Grand Canyon, a snow flake, a winter in the Dakotas, but has to be physical. The technique is done by closing your eyes and trying to re-visualize this beautiful object until you have regained the feeling it produced.

6. The sixth and final technique to help lift the mind vibrations is a technique or process in yoga called attuning to your ishta devata. Ishta devata is a little difficult to accurately translate; the closest translation I can give is that it means your chosen ideal. It has three levels:

a. Your ideal human being in history, e.g., Alexander the Great

b. The ideal person in your life, e.g., mother, father, friend, teacher, boss.

c. Your ideal spiritual concept. I don't necessarily mean using the concept of God, but an ideal, or ideal concept. If you are a Catholic, you may find the concept of your patron saint relatively easy to use. If you are a yogi, it will be called your ishta devata. If you are Lutheran or Jewish, you may find it difficult to conceptualize. You may find it to be your favorite angel. As you try to choose this ideal spiritual concept, you may want to ask yourself: What astral or celestial creature that I have heard about, read about, or experienced, is harmonious to me? Then choose that ideal and attune to it.

Om Shanti

Copyright © 2013 Goswami Kriyananda


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