THE MIRACLE BALL METHOD “Undoing” muscle tension

THE MIRACLE BALL METHOD “Undoing” muscle tension

Focus: releasing the neck, shoulders and ribs.


Diane Dombeck

EPM Certified Instructor, RYT 500

DECEMBER 10th 1-3 PM
$25 preregistered
$30 at the door

Come and join us for a session of “undoing” muscle tension through the simple but effective Miracle Ball techniques of the Elaine Petrone Method. This unique practice will offer relief from:
  • Sleeplessness
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Lower back pain
  • Any many other stress or injury related ailments

The way we move and hold our bodies significantly impacts our wellness and these habits often go unnoticed until we begin experiencing pain.

Unlike traditional programs designed to build strength and muscle development, this Method will teach you how to “unwork” the tension that leads to chronic complaints. Controlled breathing and the gentle placement of two small balls allows your body to heal itself….from stress, improper alignment or injury.

This class is very slow-paced and non active in the traditional “yogic” sense. The intent is to decrease physical activity so that body connections are re-established and holding patterns can unwind. This is achieved by placing the balls in strategic areas coupled with periods of observation and rest.

In this class, we will focus on releasing the upper body, specifically the neck, shoulders and ribs.

Please join us and learn how powerful this practice can be.

Miracle Balls will be supplied. Please dress in comfortable, loose fitting clothing.

*This workshop qualifies for continuing education hours for Yoga Alliance.

Please email the Temple at or call 773.342.4600 to register