Beginner's Guide to Natal Astrology

Astrology is the science of proper timing, a tool for spiritual development, a method for understanding yourself and the world in a profound way. Each life contains an individual pattern of experience. Your natal chart is a symbolic representation of the karma you work with in this lifetime. Learn to understand astrological symbols as well as gain the ability to see yourself and others from a new perspective. Goswami Kriyananda brings over fifty years experience as an astrologer and teacher, allowing him to take you a step beyond what most beginning courses can provide. Not only will you learn about planets, signs, houses, and aspects, but also the art of wisely and spiritually understanding your chart.

"Kriyananda's works are a goldmine of yogic wisdom. In this age of spiritual doubt and confusion, his teachings can return the student to a sense of spiritual clarity, inner stability, and peace. I highly recommend his clear, concise, and accessible courses."

— Barbara Shermer, author of Astrology Alive!

Four MP3s (approximately 50 minutes each), study guides and an 84-page pdf text, $29.95

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