Seminary Structure

The Kriya Yoga Seminary is a non-accredited theological school directed by the Temple of Kriya Yoga, a not-for-profit religious educational organization.

The Kriya Yoga Seminary was developed Sri Goswami Kriyananda, and is comprised of eight quarters of online home study. The lessons vary in length for listening and for the required studying. Each student studies in a different manner, thus the amount of time spent on Seminary studies will vary. All homework is submitted online and students may communicate with their classmates via e-mail. Individual support is provided through out your studies.

Each student is required to complete all academic work, including the final research paper and final oral exams, in two and a half years. We encourage all students to establish methodical study habits in order to complete the program in the required timeframe.

The Seminary program includes:

  • Personal daily Sadhana, an integral aspect that lays the foundation for your life as a Swami (yogic priest).
  • Online digital audio class recordings, provided as downloads compatible with MP3-players and smart phones.
  • Online Seminary assignments, presented in sequential order and submitted and graded online. New lessons are available to a student after the previous lesson has been completed.
  • Regular communication with an ordained swami to answer your questions / provide you feedback. Occurs through both personal and group teleconference calls.
  • The opportunity to participate in an online community with others who are pursuing similar studies.
  • A research paper on a topic that is relevant to your priesthood.
  • In person retreats once a year. Virtual retreats; attendance from your own home or location offered annually.
  • Textbook and retreat costs are not included in the course love offering.

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Kriya Yoga Seminary
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Students are saying …

"Along the path of yoga, it’s easy to become bogged down by the amount of information that is out there, but the Seminary is a well-thought-out systemic program that eliminates confusion. Through the Seminary program, one attains a deeper understanding of the Kriya Yoga techniques, which I feel is needed to bring about transformation in consciousness. Just as a castle cannot be built on sand, practicing the higher techniques is more fruitful with a strong foundation. The techniques taught in the Seminary program have elevated my consciousness to ever new and higher levels, and more importantly, brought me peace of mind."

Swami Navagrahananda
Bristol, UK