Total Solar Eclipse August 2017 Part 2

Total Solar Eclipse
August 2017
Part 2


On August 21st, the USA will witness something that it hasn’t seen in 99 years: a total eclipse spreading across the country. For a short time, the moon will be between the earth and the sun, spreading a shadow at 1500 miles an hour from Oregon to South Carolina.

Last week, we discussed generally how astrologers look at eclipses, and where the study of this phenomenon might fit into Kriya Yoga. As solar eclipses come on a new moon, they generally could be seen to represent a new beginning.

Kriyananda taught that the eclipse is a triggering mechanism, which works to activate other symbols. But, as he also taught, it’s how a person reacts to those triggers that really determines the importance of the event.

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In Eastern thought, the universal process that gives rise to the cycle of birth-death-
rebirth (called samsara in Sanskrit) is governed by karma. Karma relates to the whole
universe. It is not simply an egocentric or cultural idea that applies to only humans.
Everything dies and is reborn.

So if our thinking, leads to speaking, which leads to taking action, what’s the point of a chart?

“We are all confined or limited in some way from rebirth to rebirth. In yoga philosophy the
whole idea is to break free from that cycle of birth and death,” says Diana Mazzone.

“You don’t want to always come back as you are. There is a better way to live that will bring you greater happiness and freedom. What you are doing now on the three levels of karmic creation – thinking, saying and doing – is creating your tomorrow. Difficult karma is the result of past action
bearing fruit, but it is here, now, in the present moment, that you can choose to reflect
upon your actions. Your natal chart is your path-way for self-discovery.”

For Marcia Sacks, one of the keywords associated with eclipses is “change” and the chart gives you an overview of the karmic challenges we face.

“An eclipse will bring changes in your life in the house in your horoscope into which it falls. If you have a copy of your chart look for life changes in the house where the August 7th lunar eclipse took place (15 degrees Aquarius) and the August 21st eclipse will take place (29 degrees Leo).”

Your ability to handle the energy of an eclipse is equivalent to your ability to handle change. Are you flexible? The physical flexibility you gain from doing hatha yoga enhances your ability to be flexible mentality. Meditation practice gives you the ability to accept life as it is – or at least gives you the ability to take a few deep breaths before you react to the changes life presents to you.

The astrological energy patterns in both August eclipses focus on the polarity between the signs
Leo and Aquarius. This indicates that many of the issues brought to light by the eclipses will
have to do with the needs of the individual versus the needs of society. Another way to look at it
would be issues of what you need as opposed to what your friends need.

Because Mercury goes retrograde on August 12 (11 degrees Virgo) in between these two
eclipses it would be wise to think about Mercury being the trigger for your personal eclipse
karma. Watch for hot topics.

Marcia reminds us “What you say can get you into trouble. Soften your words, use
tact and diplomacy, or count to ten to give you time to think before speaking.”

“Just like the Sun generates power for life on earth, the astrological sun when it’s aligned with
the moon as in an eclipse brings tremendous power to be creative in your life (especially in the
area of your life signified by the house into which the eclipse falls),” she adds.

Think about planning for the solar eclipse on August 21. Reflect on your goals in order to use the energy of the eclipse for creativity and positive change. Be flexible, speak thoughtfully, discover balance in friendships, and find peace through meditation.

The chart is broken into houses which separate areas of life. “Knowing when these problems will arise whether by transit or progression gives you the ability to control your inner reaction to people, places and events,” explains Diana.

Most people mistakenly believe they are powerless and cannot solve their problems, but we are always being given new opportunities to grow. Diana adds “People struggle with karma because they do not use the little free will that they have. Ninety-seven percent of any incarnation is predestined but it can be transformed if you activate your free will.”

Here’s some keywords to help guide you through the houses:

First House:
– Physical Body and appearance
– How you see the world around you
– How others see you
Second House:
– Your money
– Your possessions
– How you give and receive
Third House:
– Speech and communication
– Short journeys
– Brothers and sisters
Fourth House:
– Mother
– Your house as real estate
– Your home environment
Fifth House:
– Children
– Creativity
– Speculation/Gambling
Sixth House:
– Job/Work environment
– Small Animals
– Health and diet
Seventh House:
– Marriage
– Your partner
– Partnerships in general
Eighth House:
– Other people’s money
– Your partner’s money
– Legacies
Ninth House:
– Higher Education
– Long journeys
– Legal matters
– Religion
Tenth House:
– Career
– Father
– Government
Eleventh House:
– Friends
– Groups, clubs, associations
– Your hopes and aspirations
Twelfth House:
– The unconscious mind
– Places of confinement (hospitals, prisons)
– Large animals

** Swami Pujananda has taught Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Astrology and Sanskrit chanting at the Temple since the 1980s. He is the author of the astrology series “Meanderings”, a long running discussion of mystical topics as seen through the astrologer’s eyes.

** Diana Mazzone, is a Canadian Astrologer who has graduated from several of the Temple’s Astrology courses and worked with Goswami Kriyananda for many years to learn the techniques. A graduate of the Kriya Yoga Seminary, she is involved in Hospice in the Toronto area.

** Marcia Sacks, Swami K. Adinadananda) is an astrologer and astrology teacher in Chicago's Northwest suburbs. She is a graduate of the Kriya Yoga Seminary and the Temple's Professional Astrology Program. Her articles on astrology and on spiritual living have been published in The Monthly Aspectarian and The Mountain Astrologer.

** Deb Bell is a Chicago Businesswoman who began studying astrology with Goswami Kriyananda at the Temple in 1973. She has continued to study and practice astrology since 1973, while working in IT for 30 years.