Goswami Kriyananda

For whatever takes birth, death is its final curtain,
And for whatever dies, rebirth is certain,
Therefore, in the performance of your task,
Hold to the Dharma, do not the karma grasp.

- Bhagavad Gita 2:27

Our beloved guru Sri Goswami Kriyananda has performed his
maha-samadhi, leaving his physical body, April of 2015.

Babaji Festival of Joy!
April 26, 11:30-2:00 PM

The Annual Babaji festival will begin at 11:30 with music, meditation and a special ritual led by swamis of the Temple.

The day will include: a message from James Chase - the Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Temple of Kriya Yoga - followed by a special video teaching from Goswami Kriyananda recorded at the time of the maha-samadhi of his guru, Sri Shelliji, Once Upon a Yogi-time plays, a new song written by one of Goswami's senior disciples, and a meditation on gratitude. Prasad (blessed food) and fellowship in the Temple Tea Room will conclude the festival.

If you are unable to attend the Festival in person but would like to view Goswami Kriyananda's video message, you may register to receive a link to stream it for free online.

Once Upon a Yogi-time Play and Meditation on Gratitude from the Babaji Festival of Joy

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Guru's Song

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Composed by: Swami Mukhyananda, Chanted by Swami Nadananda Mahaswami

Daily Wisdom from Sri Goswami Kriyananda

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Free Inspirational Noon Meditations

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"Sitting Down with Goswami Kriyananda"

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Personal Ritual for the Departed

The Personal Ritual is a chance for you to remember, honor and send blessings to the departed. You do have the ability to make a difference in the lives of those you love who have gone before you, and this ritual is a path to doing so.

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